IMG_0835I’m me, that’s who I be. Hi. I’m JD Rodgers, and I’m the next author in your collection. I sound pretty straight forward and sure of myself, don’t I. Maybe a little. It’s just that I’m the kind of guy who knows what I want and has the balls to go after it. As far back as my brain will allow me to remember, I’d been writing short stories and flash fiction as just pretty much of a hobby. I’m sure a lot of you know just how it is to want to reach for your dreams only to see it not happen. It’s like ‘Sorry, but you’re just not good enough’, Sometimes it’s a polite ‘Sorry but we can’t use it at this time’. Yeah, got real discouraging after a while. It’s like ‘Okay, maybe I’m not supposed to be an author’. Just recently in the past couple of years, I decide that it indeed is truly want and gave up the “Maybe I’m Not mentality”. I’d been getting serious about my writing. Currently I’m an unpublished writer and working on a sci fi book which I hope will soon be ready to be on your book shelves.

I’m 51 years old. I was born with spina bifida and am paralyzed. Aside from that, I am also a duel amputee, losing both my legs about 8  years ago to diabetes and osteomyelitis. I’m currently living in Sharon, PA. I’ve lived here since 2013 after being in a nursing facility for a while. I’m a 1985 high school graduate of the Titusville High School in Titusville PA. Oh 1985. You didn’t want to be in Titusville, PA in 1985. Remind me sometime, and I’ll tell you all about it. I’ve in Pennsylvania all my life and have never moved out of state. As far out of state as I’ve ever been was Youngstown and Niles Ohio which are very short distances (about a half hour drive) from where I’m located in Sharon, PA. Back in the early 90s I did kitchen work at a restaurant. I have some experience in video editing as I was the video editor for my former church’s YouTube channel. Currently, I am single, although I am in a relationship. I don’t have any children and unable to due to my disability.

Not a lot of info, I know. But such as it is, This Is Me

2017-05-15 16.48.07JD RODGERS