My surroundings are seemingly taking on a grayish shade as I move forward. I stop. I’m looking to either side of me. Am I going blind? I turn to look behind me. Everything before is a dull faint color seemingly overcome with the darkened gray you would see as dusk gives way to night. Taking […]


Yep! I did it! I published another book just today on Beyond Imagination is a collection of Science Fiction short stories and flash fiction. I’ve been writing short sci fi stories throughout the last few months of 2017. Now in 2018, I’ve fulfilled my new years resolution in publishing these stories into an eBook […]


After dinner, the sofa is like a trap enticing you to have a short nap. But the game’s coming on. It’s a home game today. But why not sit on the sofa and watch the team play. Now isn’t this cozy? Are you feeling at rest? You look comfy, leaned back. Arms folded across your […]

A Single Rose

With a single rose And she knows The truth of how You feel No words needed A single rose tells her Your love is real Words are not needed Yet they are wanted 3 simple words and she knows Hearing you say I LOVE YOU Is like giving her a single rose


Got a big craving in my tummy for something really yummy. Do I want cake or do I want pie? Did you bake or broil? Or maybe, did you fry? I’m so hungry, oh I think I’m going to cry. I know I’m very hungry. In fact I’m almost starved I’d love a slice of […]

Never Will I Ever

Never will I ever forget this place Never will I ever forget your face Every memory of you, I keep neatly tucked away Until we meet again Beyond the clouds someday [To Flossie Rodgers and Pauline Antill]