I came into the room. I was quick to assume it’s vacant. The light was off. I turned on the light, greeted by the sight of party hats and a cake They threw me a party, for goodness sake. The guests all sang Happy Birthday to you. Tomorrow I turn fifty two.  


I look out into the black of night. The December temperatures are stinging my face as I stand on the patio watching the skies. He should be coming. It’s going to be light soon. I think hear something. I’m not quite sure yet. But I listen, and I listen intently till I’m able to make […]

2 Lovers

The night is warm and clear. Just right for two lovers lounging together in the back yard. His shoulder is her pillow as they cuddle together, enjoying the view of the clear night sky. The moon is full and bright. The stars seem to be dancing on display just for the two of them as […]


It’s a pretty big area. So I have my work cut out for me. Early morning between 7:00 and 9:00 hours is one of the most hectic times. I’m having to keep on my virtual toes, keeping all the traffic lights in sync. I don’t know how many times just this morning, I’ve contacted the […]


He loved her But she loved him first Now if she lost him her heart would burst. She tells him now that we’re together, I can’t do without you She’s thankful for his love that she knows is true. It’s time to look forward, and forget the past, and just focus on them together at […]


In the morning light after a night of sleeplessness, I lay there staring at the ceiling with a feeling of burden on chest from a night with no rest. Insomnia, why must we know one another so well.