What do I like? What don’t I like? That is the question. I don’t want to talk about what I don’t like because I don’t want to bore you. The task I am given is to make a list of what I do like, which is a very easy task indeed. Even new friends whom I’ve made would often ask….

Here is a list of 10 items

1) Spices and I have a love hate relationship. And in spite of this, I do, oh I do have a weakness for General Tso Chicken.
2) Having diabetes, eating enough of them would have me bouncing off the walls. Oh but still, Ah, I just cannot resist it. A Double Stuffed Oreo.
Of course, I’m sure that delicious cookie is on a lot of like lists out there. Another thing I would hope is on other like lists is;
3) The sound of music. No, I don’t mean the movie. I mean Classic Rock. There’s nothing like it. Just sitting back and letting those old records speak to the young person that is still inside of you. I’m not nostalgic. I don’t live in the past. That is, unless its classic rock. The 70s and 80s were America’s best times for it.
I’m a dreamer and a story teller. I have a deep adiration for other story tellers and I believe two of the best were
4) George Lucas who has taken us to a galaxy far far away and 5) Stan Lee. The Marvel Universe would have never existed without him.
That’s 5 things in the list of what I like but it doesn’t stop there. Coming in at number….
6) Books, books, books, and did I mention? Books! John Grisham, Tom Clansy, Michael Chrichton to name a few. To name all of the authors I admire would actually turn into a whole different list. Maybe another time, perhaps, but right now I’ve got 4 more items to list here. Shall we go onto number….
7) The river. Streams. Sitting on the bank near my house and just watching the river rush by. It just.. Goes. It goes without stopping. No cares, no hang ups. Rushing waters are free and they just.. Go. There’s nothing more peaceful just sit and watch. To listen to the sound. It’s a symphony of it’s own, needing no instruments.
Speaking of instruments, that’s the next two on my list. Though it had been a long time since I really played, I really love the sound of a good hard
8) Rock guitar. And every once in a while, a nice country guitar can really sing to me as well. Aside from a set of musical strings, I also love the sound of a melody played on a 9) Piano. I went to a school for disabled kids and it was there, a teacher had introduced me to and taught me how to play the piano. It’s been a while and I’m out of practice. But in spite of that, when opportunity arises to do so, I might play a little something.
Last but not least on my list
10) Quiet. Number ten is.. Quiet.
Shish, just listen. Do you hear that. It’s quiet. A lot of good things happen when its quiet. When its quiet, peace happens and when peace happens you become focused. When it’s storming in your mind, there are floods of anxiety. Worries and fears flash like lightness. The thunder rolls with a lot of could bes and what ifs. But just take a deep breath in through the nose and slowly out through the mouth and just listen and try to hear whats beyond the storm. Over there where its quiet and you’ll hear it. Peace and Focus.

And that concludes my list of

What Do I Like?