[Lovingly Dedicated to a Sweet Angel in Philly]

They were at the bus depot. It was just a half hour before the bus would depart and be on its way to New Castle. He knew he need to board but he wasn’t saying good bye. No, not just yet.

He pulled his wheelchair along side hers and took her hand.

“Honey there is just one thing I need to ask you before I leave. I’ve been wanting to ask you this for the longest time.”

“What is it, Sweetheart?” she asked.

As if with slight of hand, she saw the ring appear from his finger tips, seemingly from out of no where as he slipped it onto her finger. He took her hand in both of his as the two lovers looked deep into one another’s eyes.

A tear of joy fell from her eye, for she knew the question already.

“Will you–?”

“I will!”