Stood Up

It was 8pm. An hour later than she expected her date to show up. She picked up her cellphone wondering if she should.

“No, Kara,” she argued with herself, “You’ll make yourself sound anxious.”

Just as she sat the phone back down, the text came through – “Sorry. Can’t make it tonight”

Picking the phone back up, she responded, “I’d been waiting over an hour and a half. Why didn’t you call early if you couldn’t make it?”

“Sorry,” came his response, “Guess I just forgot. I’ll make it up to you babe.”

Feeling both aggrivated and frustrated, she text him, “You said that last night too. What are you doing?”

3 minutes went by. No response. She typed nothing more than a question mark. 8 more minutes went by. Aggrevation, frustration, anxiety were flooding her like a broken dam. Her fingers flew over the key pad, “Who are you with?”