The Proposal

Debby and I sat on the sofa bed. Her twin sister, Dena, and her two kids sat on the other couch while of course, Ted had his recliner. I made like I needed to scratch an itch and, unknown to Debby, reach into my shirt pocket, pulling out a small box.

Dena (on cue): So now that you two are together, Do we hear wedding bell?

Jon: Oh now I don’t know. i think i’m going to leave that up to Debby.

Debby: well eventually, i hope we will

Jon: why wait till eventually?

I held the box up an opened it one handed, showing her its content.

Jon: What do you say, babe? Wedding bells?

She swiftly snatched the box from my hand. Taking the ring from the box, she examined it with emotions coming over her face. Debby didn’t need to say anything. I knew her answer. Everyone watched intently as I took the ring from her. Debby began to cry as I took a hold of her hand. Gently, I kissed her fingers before slipping on the ring.

Jon: Deborah Anne Nelson. Will you marry me?