Quiet and still. The blanket only half on, his leg sticking out the side, bent at the knee. Clouds roll away, revealing the morning sun which shines in the window, smacking him in the face. His eyes snap open and he is once again reanimated from his still slumber. Glancing at the clock, it was going on 8:30 am. Turning his head to the wall, he let his eyes close. Seconds later his eyes snapped open once again, turning to the clock. He sat up, throwing his legs over the bed as the cell phone began ringing.

“Hello,” he answered with sleep still in his voice

Full alertness came over him at the sound of his boss’s voice, loud in his ear.

“Where are you!?” his boss demanded

“I’m sorry, Boss,” he pleaded. “I’ll be there as soon as I can”

“Be here in 20 minutes!” screamed his boss through the phone.

He’d just opened the car door and was about to get in when an aquaintance came up behind him, calling out to him.

“Hey! Hey buddy! Hey! Where ya goin?”

He looked behind him to see his coworker from work

“I’m going to work and I’m late. Why aren’t you there?”

“I called off. I’m sick today.”

He said nothing. Just looked at him shaking his head. He then got into the car, closing the door. His friend, his name, Billy quickly ran up beside the car.

“Hey! Hey Jonny, wait!”

“Billy!” Jonny said in an irritated tone. “I’m already late for work! Now, come on!”

“Jonny, I just need to know. Are you in”

He knew what Billy was referring too.

“Billy. I’m straight now. I’m clean. I have a job. A job I’m going late for and probably get fired!” He finished angrily, “Bye!!”

The dust flew as Jonny sped away, leaving Billy stand at the curb.


He’d just pulled his card out of the time clock when a loud booming voice exploded behind him like a clap of thunder.

“Jon Parker!!!!”

Jonny spun around, startled. It almost felt as if his heart was beating in his throat.

“Parker, what time is it?”

“9:15 I -” Jonny struggled “I know boss – It wont happ-”

“No Parker,” the boss interupted, “It won’t happen again”

“You have tons of dry walling that you were to do. Some steel riveting. Get to it. Finish out this day. Then pack up your shit. You’re done here”

Laying in the dark, his head on a flattened pillow. Sleepless with his thoughts rolling through his mind like a rapid river.

“5 years in prison, Jonny”, he said to himself out loud, “Got yourself some drug rehab. Then ya made yourself a world record of getting fired after holding down a job for two weeks. Where to now, Jonny?”


Early morning, the sun was barely shining through the window. Jonny sat on the edge of the bed. His cellphone to his ear, he waited for Billy to pick up on the other end.

The voicemail kicked on, “You’ve Billy Morris. I’m not available, obviously since you’ve reached my voicemail. So, umm, leave a message.”

Irritated that Billy didn’t pick up, Jonny was quick with his message. “Billy. Call me. I’m in.”