The evening is warm and clear. Just right for two lovers in a hammock in the back yard. His shoulder like as her pillow as they cuddle together, enjoying the view of the clear night sky. The moon is full and bright. The stars seem to be dancing on display just for the two of them while they lay in one another’s arms, talking, making plans for the future. A future which will begin only a week from now when they exchange their vows at the alter.
“The moon is beautiful tonight,” commented Dana.
Reaching over he lightly brushed his fingertips along the side of his love’s face.
“It is,” Jim agreed, “But the real beauty is right here beside me.”
Their eyes made contact. Contentment in her eyes as she smiled at him
Jim took notice how Dana seemed more radiant tonight. He pulled her close to him, and kissed her softly. The couple positioned themselves in the hammock so that they faced one another. Dana rested her head on his arm, their faces just inches apart. They kissed again, lingering a little longer this time.
“Couldn’t we just stay out here all night?” she asked him
“If that’s what you want,” answer Jim.
Dana moved just a little closer as Jim pulled her more into his embrace.
Quietly in a half whisper, she replied, “All I want is to be alone with you.”