My partner and I took shelter, crouched down behind the police cruiser. The bullets were flying so fast, neither of us could even get up to take a shot of our own. My partner ducked lower when the back window of the cruiser shattered after being hit. A minute after, the shots started becoming further apart. And not with such force. The shooter had apparently switched to a smaller weapon. I, of course saw this as a chance to make a move.

I ran out as quickly as I could from behind the car, running for a nearby tree took me closer the shooter. Just as I was ducking behind tree, another shot rang out. My heart skipped when I realized just how much the bullet missed me, grazing instead, the bark of the tree. My back against the tree, I manage return fire on the shooter. I fired a few more shots as did my partner as he took the chance run and take shelter behind a nearby SUV. Before he could take full coverage behind the SUV, I heard another shot ringing out.

My partner’s body jerked as I saw the blood gushing from his chest. The shots subsided once again. I ran to my partner who lay on the ground, breathing heavily, holding his chest. I knelt, reaching to him when I felt the sting. The sudden pain to the back of my head. I tried to brace myself, as we looked at one another in horror and realization. I then felt myself falling over onto my back as my life… slipped… away…