Far off in a corner of space which has been charted as Kitchen lays the tiny galaxy known as Refrigerator. All seems peaceful until about the 4th chrono segment of an earth day. Hidden down in the quadrant of Crisper, a crucial meeting of the Tomato society has taken place.
President: We must stop the madness of these hungry humans before more lives are lost. Even after the arrival of our new tomatoan brothers, some of our elders have turned up missing.
Captain: It is believed they have been taken by the humans, brutally sliced and placed on something called a sandwich.
President: Sad but true, my fellow tomatoes. Not the humans, themselves, but their hands have been seen invading the Refrigerator Galaxy, taking our tomatoan brothers and forcing them to be imprisoned with the baconians and letticians.
The meeting is interupted and everyone shudders in fear when the crisper drawer opens. But rather than a human hand, three round fat yellow individuals fell into the room.
Sargient: President Hothouse, sir. Please bare with my plightful plea. Sir, I am Sargient Yellow of the Onionians. We know of your troubles, Sir and we must bare a similar fate.
Everyone’s eyes teared as he shed his paper thin skin. His own tears fell as he began his plea.
Sargient: I am sad that my wife has been one of many of the Onionian who just like the Tomatoans have been taken for human consumption. Many of our people have been sliced up and chopped up, being used in another kind of sandwich. They are forced to be on the same sandwich with the beefies and the cheesies from the other two quadrants.
The president’s heart went out to this brave Onionian soldier.
President: Let it be this day then that the Onionians and the Tomatoan will band together to preserve the lives of all Veggie kind.