I sat in my home office working one Saturday afternoon when I’d heard a knock at my door. Before I could even say anything, my wife, Desi entered the room, sitting down a bottle of wine and two glasses on the desk.

“Honey, I’ve got a lot of work to do,” I told her.

“You’ve been at this all morning,” she remarked, “Its time to relax.”

Before I could say anything else, she began pouring the wine. I just sat back in my office chair and reached for my glass. We lifted our glasses in a toast to each other. Gulping down my wine, I sat down the glass, turning my attention once again to the computer screen. She sighed heavily, sitting her glass hard down on the desk, barely sipped from.

“Oh really, John,” she said in frustration, “That can wait!”

“Desi, Baby,” I spoke in defense. “This is the DON account”

“Oh yes, The DON account,” she commented in a sarcastic tone as she rolled her eyes.

“Okay John, Later.”

Though I didn’t hear the door, I’d assume she’d left the room. I had just gone back to typing when I felt my office office chair being pulled back from the desk. Before I could say anything, Desi straddled my lap.

“I want some attention,” she demanded before pressing her lips hard against mine.