It was around 2am in the morning at Arlington Asylum. Dan sat at his console. One foot resting on the edge of the console, he leaned back in his chair, coffee in hand, watched intently as the 10 screens constantly change security cameras from one section of the facility to the next.
Camera 3 immediately caught Dan’s attention. Bringing his foot down and leaning forward, Dan reached for the bottom, holding the camera steady in the dimly lit corridor. Working a control on the console, he zoomed in on a raven haired RN as she pushed a younger blond CNA against the wall, pinning her. The Nurse pressed her lips hard against the blonde’s lips in a forceful kiss. Lesbian rape, Dan thought as he was ready to pick up the phone. But set it back down when he quickly noticed the blonde nurse aide reciprocating with passionate kisses of her own.
He sat there watching intently for a minutes in awe as the two girls carried on their torrid making out. He leaned back in his office chair, watching on the console. The RN broke the kiss and moved her lips down to the young girl’s neck. If Dan was even starting to get aroused at the scene, that quickly changed as he tensed up in his chair. The woman lingered for only a moment at the young nurse aide’s neck when bright red tricklets of blood began flowing, staining the collar of her uniform. The RN stood up, releasing her bite, held onto the girl as she slowly slid her back down the wall till she was seated on the floor. Woman let go and she slumped over, obviously dead. The RN stood and looked quickly to the camera. A feeling static electricity coursed through Dan’s veins, watching as the woman’s eyes suddenly glowed red before instantly disappearing from the camera’s view. The CNA, no longer slumped on the floor, sat up straight. For a brief moment, there was a look of confusion on her face, soon replaced by one of realization. She then looked up at the camera, her eyes glowing red just like the older woman. Opening her mouth, Dan could see the vampire fangs that had already formed. He then noticed the camera shaking a little as the girl was screeching inaudibly as that of a dog whistle. Within seconds, the screen went to a snowy like screen as the lens of the camera shattered.
In Dan’s 15 years of being a security guard for Alrington Asylum, nothing ever scared him and some of these criminally insane residents were enough to scare anyone. However what he’d witnessed just now on camera three, Dan was
Scared Shitless