The iSlave Device

This is not an endorsement of an actual product. The device and company introduced in this writing are fictional products of my imagination.

Let me introduce you to The iSlave Device.

If you’ve ever watch those old Star Trek shows, I’m sure you would be familiar with the Transporter, the Replicator, and the Holodeck. How the iSlave Device works is based on those three technologies. Internet access is required to use the device. It is about the length and width of a rectangular coffee table and and sits just about as high as a coffee table.
Once you’ve ordered the $12,000.00 device through Fetitech Industries, simply connect it to your computer. The software is built into the iSlave Device and automatically downloads upon connection. The software is registered so that most anti virus programs will not interfere the download.
You may then log into the company’s website with your free issued password. Give the company your specifications of the type of male or female you desire. A code will be then generated which the company, upon credit card payment will then upload to your device. Appearing on top of the device will be a perfectly flawless molecular generated iSlave. Not an image, but an actual molecularly stable solid male or female custom made to your specifications.
Your iSlave can be programmed to be straight, bisexual, homosexual, or lesbian. The iSlave is usable for up to one year and can be deleted at anytime before that.

FETITECH GUARANTEE: Your iSlave is guaranteed to be be loyal, obedient, submissive, and fully sexually functional, or you will have your choice of recieving a 50% refund, or an exclusive Fetitech eCoupon for 25% off toward your next iSlave purchase.