A Valentines Poem

I came to you to start a new life. I came to take you as my wife. I gave you my heart to have and to hold. To love, honor and cherish as We together grow old. For as long as I live, you’ll always her me say I LOVE YOU. HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TO […]

Tale of a broken heart

Her eyes, they stung from the tears she shed as she lay alone upon her bed. She thought it was love. She thought it was real. But they weren’t in sync about how they feel. She’s feeling such shame. She feels she’s to blame. She let herself fall victim to his mind game. Now here […]


These are some Love Poems I’ve written. I’ve published them before but thought they needed to be read again because someone out there needs to know they’re loved. Someone out there needs to know how to say I LOVE YOU. I slipped on the ring and then everything changed in my life. You said you’d […]

Child Fears

The child lays awake and full of fright as the shadows play tricks on her sight and she runs to Daddy in the dark of night. Her little eyes are full of tears as Daddy tries to calm the child’s fears. She lays in his arms as if they’re a nest. His heartbeat and voice […]


The lights are off and everything seems quiet. Good, the coast is clear. Hurrying out from under the recliner, I scamper across the floor, stopping in front of the entertainment center. Boy, they must vacuum meticulously here. There’s not even the tiniest crumb. [Stirring on the sofa bed] Oops. Whoa! I’d better duck behind this […]


It’s a struggle for Kathy Roth, a small town psycho therapist dealing with her traumatic past, a broken family and the guilt she carries, concerning the death of her father’s death. While struggling through her own journey, she finds herself counseling others who, themselves try to navigate through their own journeys. From the small Pennsylvania […]


Don’t ever say you’re going away. Please promise me that you’re here to stay. My heart would break and my spirit would die if you were to ever say goodbye. My love for you is honest and true. I promise my darling I will always love you.